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from mopidy import httpclient
from import Gst

[docs] def calculate_duration(num_samples, sample_rate): """Determine duration of samples using GStreamer helper for precise math.""" return Gst.util_uint64_scale(num_samples, Gst.SECOND, sample_rate)
[docs] def create_buffer(data, timestamp=None, duration=None): """Create a new GStreamer buffer based on provided data. Mainly intended to keep gst imports out of non-audio modules. .. versionchanged:: 2.0 ``capabilites`` argument was removed. """ if not data: raise ValueError("Cannot create buffer without data") buffer_ = Gst.Buffer.new_wrapped(data) if timestamp is not None: buffer_.pts = timestamp if duration is not None: buffer_.duration = duration return buffer_
[docs] def millisecond_to_clocktime(value): """Convert a millisecond time to internal GStreamer time.""" return value * Gst.MSECOND
[docs] def clocktime_to_millisecond(value): """Convert an internal GStreamer time to millisecond time.""" return value // Gst.MSECOND
[docs] def supported_uri_schemes(uri_schemes): """Determine which URIs we can actually support from provided whitelist. :param uri_schemes: list/set of URIs to check support for. :type uri_schemes: list or set or URI schemes as strings. :rtype: set of URI schemes we can support via this GStreamer install. """ supported_schemes = set() registry = Gst.Registry.get() for factory in registry.get_feature_list(Gst.ElementFactory): for uri in factory.get_uri_protocols(): if uri in uri_schemes: supported_schemes.add(uri) return supported_schemes
[docs] def setup_proxy(element, config): """Configure a GStreamer element with proxy settings. :param element: element to setup proxy in. :type element: :class:`Gst.GstElement` :param config: proxy settings to use. :type config: :class:`dict` """ if not hasattr(element.props, "proxy") or not config.get("hostname"): return element.set_property("proxy", httpclient.format_proxy(config, auth=False)) element.set_property("proxy-id", config.get("username")) element.set_property("proxy-pw", config.get("password"))
[docs] class Signals: """Helper for tracking gobject signal registrations""" def __init__(self): self._ids = {}
[docs] def connect(self, element, event, func, *args): """Connect a function + args to signal event on an element. Each event may only be handled by one callback in this implementation. """ if (element, event) in self._ids: raise AssertionError self._ids[(element, event)] = element.connect(event, func, *args)
[docs] def disconnect(self, element, event): """Disconnect whatever handler we have for an element+event pair. Does nothing it the handler has already been removed. """ signal_id = self._ids.pop((element, event), None) if signal_id is not None: element.disconnect(signal_id)
[docs] def clear(self): """Clear all registered signal handlers.""" for element, event in list(self._ids): element.disconnect(self._ids.pop((element, event)))