Source code for mopidy.core.history

import copy
import logging
import time

from mopidy import models
from mopidy.internal.models import HistoryState, HistoryTrack

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class HistoryController:
    def __init__(self):
        self._history = []

    def _add_track(self, track):
        """Add track to the playback history.

        Internal method for :class:`mopidy.core.PlaybackController`.

        :param track: track to add
        :type track: :class:`mopidy.models.Track`
        if not isinstance(track, models.Track):
            raise TypeError("Only Track objects can be added to the history")

        timestamp = int(time.time() * 1000)

        name_parts = []
        if track.artists:
            artists_names = [
       for artist in track.artists if
            if artists_names:
                name_parts.append(", ".join(artists_names))
        if is not None:
        name = " - ".join(name_parts)
        ref = models.Ref.track(uri=track.uri, name=name)

        self._history.insert(0, (timestamp, ref))

[docs] def get_length(self): """Get the number of tracks in the history. :returns: the history length :rtype: int """ return len(self._history)
[docs] def get_history(self): """Get the track history. The timestamps are milliseconds since epoch. :returns: the track history :rtype: list of (timestamp, :class:`mopidy.models.Ref`) tuples """ return copy.copy(self._history)
def _save_state(self): # 500 tracks a 3 minutes -> 24 hours history count_max = 500 count = 1 history_list = [] for timestamp, track in self._history: history_list.append(HistoryTrack(timestamp=timestamp, track=track)) count += 1 if count_max < count:"Limiting history to %s tracks", count_max) break return HistoryState(history=history_list) def _load_state(self, state, coverage): if state and "history" in coverage: self._history = [(h.timestamp, h.track) for h in state.history]