Changelog 1.x series

This is the changelog of Mopidy v1.0.0 through v1.1.2.

For the latest releases, see Changelog.

v1.1.2 (2016-01-18)

Bug fix release.

  • Main: Catch errors when loading the logging/config_file file. (Fixes: #1320)

  • Core: If changing to another track while the player is paused, the new track would not be added to the history or marked as currently playing. (Fixes: #1352, PR: #1356)

  • Core: Skips over unplayable tracks if the user attempts to change tracks while paused, like we already did if in playing state. (Fixes #1378, PR: #1379)

  • Core: Make lookup() ignore tracks with empty URIs. (Partly fixes: #1340, PR: #1381)

  • Core: Fix crash if backends emits events with wrong names or arguments. (Fixes: #1383)

  • Stream: If an URI is considered playable, don’t consider it as a candidate for playlist parsing. Just looking at MIME type prefixes isn’t enough, as for example Ogg Vorbis has the MIME type application/ogg. (Fixes: #1299)

  • Local: If the scan or clear commands are used on a library that does not exist, exit with an error. (Fixes: #1298)

  • MPD: Notify idling clients when a seek is performed. (Fixes: #1331)

  • MPD: Don’t return tracks with empty URIs. (Partly fixes: #1340, PR: #1343)

  • MPD: Add volume command that was reintroduced, though still as a deprecated command, in MPD 0.18 and is in use by some clients like mpc. (Fixes: #1393, PR: #1397)

  • Proxy: Handle case where proxy/port is either missing from config or set to an empty string. (PR: #1371)

v1.1.1 (2015-09-14)

Bug fix release.

  • Dependencies: Specify that we need Requests >= 2.0, not just any version. This ensures that we fail earlier if Mopidy is used with a too old Requests.

  • Core: Make mopidy.core.LibraryController.refresh() work for all backends with a library provider. Previously, it wrongly worked for all backends with a playlists provider. (Fixes: #1257)

  • Core: Respect core/cache_dir and core/data_dir config values added in 1.1.0 when creating the dirs Mopidy need to store data. This should not change the behavior for desktop users running Mopidy. When running Mopidy as a system service installed from a package which sets the core dir configs properly (e.g. Debian and Arch packages), this fix avoids the creation of a couple of directories that should not be used, typically /var/lib/mopidy/.local and /var/lib/mopidy/.cache. (Fixes: #1259, PR: #1266)

  • Core: Fix error in get_eot_tlid() docstring. (Fixes: #1269)

  • Audio: Add timeout parameter to scan(). (Part of: #1250, PR: #1281)

  • Extension support: Make get_cache_dir(), get_config_dir(), and get_data_dir() class methods, so they can be used without creating an instance of the Extension class. (Fixes: #1275)

  • Local: Deprecate local/data_dir and respect core/data_dir instead. This does not change the defaults for desktop users, only system services installed from packages that properly set core/data_dir, like the Debian and Arch packages. (Fixes: #1259, PR: #1266)

  • Local: Change default value of local/scan_flush_threshold from 1000 to 100 to shorten the time Mopidy-Local-SQLite blocks incoming requests while scanning the local library.

  • M3U: Changed default for the m3u/playlists_dir from $XDG_DATA_DIR/mopidy/m3u to unset, which now means the extension’s data dir. This does not change the defaults for desktop users, only system services installed from packages that properly set core/data_dir, like the Debian and Arch pakages. (Fixes: #1259, PR: #1266)

  • Stream: Expand nested playlists to find the stream URI. This used to work, but regressed in 1.1.0 with the extraction of stream playlist parsing from GStreamer to being handled by the Mopidy-Stream backend. (Fixes: #1250, PR: #1281)

  • Stream: If “file” is present in the stream/protocols config value and the Mopidy-File extension is enabled, we exited with an error because two extensions claimed the same URI scheme. We now log a warning recommending to remove “file” from the stream/protocols config, and then proceed startup. (Fixes: #1248, PR: #1254)

  • Stream: Fix bug in new playlist parser. A non-ASCII char in an urilist comment would cause a crash while parsing due to comparison of a non-ASCII bytestring with a Unicode string. (Fixes: #1265)

  • File: Adjust log levels when failing to expand $XDG_MUSIC_DIR into a real path. This usually happens when running Mopidy as a system service, and thus with a limited set of environment variables. (Fixes: #1249, PR: #1255)

  • File: When browsing files, we no longer scan the files to check if they’re playable. This makes browsing of the file hierarchy instant for HTTP clients, which do no scanning of the files’ metadata, and a bit faster for MPD clients, which no longer scan the files twice. (Fixes: #1260, PR: #1261)

  • File: Allow looking up metadata about any file:// URI, just like we did in Mopidy 1.0.x, where Mopidy-Stream handled file:// URIs. In Mopidy 1.1.0, Mopidy-File did not allow one to lookup files outside the directories listed in file/media_dir. This broke Mopidy-Local-SQLite when the local/media_dir directory was not within one of the file/media_dirs directories. For browsing of files, we still limit access to files inside the file/media_dir directories. For lookup, you can now read metadata for any file you know the path of. (Fixes: #1268, PR: #1273)

  • Audio: Fix timeout handling in scanner. This regression caused timeouts to expire before it should, causing scans to fail.

  • Audio: Update scanner to emit MIME type instead of an error when missing a plugin.

v1.1.0 (2015-08-09)

Mopidy 1.1 is here!

Since the release of 1.0, we’ve closed or merged approximately 65 issues and pull requests through about 400 commits by a record high 20 extraordinary people, including 14 newcomers. That’s less issues and commits than in the 1.0 release, but even more contributors, and a doubling of the number of newcomers. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, especially those that joined the sprint at EuroPython 2015 in Bilbao, Spain a couple of weeks ago!

As we promised with the release of Mopidy 1.0, any extension working with Mopidy 1.0 should continue working with all Mopidy 1.x releases. However, this release brings a lot stronger enforcement of our documented APIs. If an extension doesn’t use the APIs properly, it may no longer work. The advantage of this change is that Mopidy is now more robust against errors in extensions, and also provides vastly better error messages when extensions misbehave. This should make it easier to create quality extensions.

The major features of Mopidy 1.1 are:

  • Validation of the arguments to all core API methods, as well as all responses from backends and all data model attributes.

  • New bundled backend, Mopidy-File. It is similar to Mopidy-Local, but allows you to browse and play music from local disk without running a scan to index the music first. The drawback is that it doesn’t support searching.

  • The Mopidy-MPD server should now be up to date with the 0.19 version of the MPD protocol.


  • Mopidy now requires Requests.

  • Heads up: Porting from GStreamer 0.10 to 1.x and support for running Mopidy with Python 3.4+ is not far off on our roadmap.

Core API


  • Added type checks and other sanity checks to model construction and serialization. (Fixes: #865)

  • Memory usage for models has been greatly improved. We now have a lower overhead per instance by using slots, interned identifiers and automatically reuse instances. For the test data set this was developed against, a library of ~14.000 tracks, went from needing ~75MB to ~17MB. (Fixes: #348)

  • Added mopidy.models.Artist.sortname field that is mapped to musicbrainz-sortname tag. (Fixes: #940)


Extension support

Local backend

  • Filter out None from get_distinct() results. All returned results should be strings. (Fixes: #1202)

Stream backend

  • Move stream playlist parsing from GStreamer to the stream backend. (Fixes: #671)

File backend

The Mopidy-File backend is a new bundled backend. It is similar to Mopidy-Local since it works with local files, but it differs in a few key ways:

  • Mopidy-File lets you browse your media files by their file hierarchy.

  • It supports multiple media directories, all exposed under the “Files” directory when you browse your library with e.g. an MPD client.

  • There is no index of the media files, like the JSON or SQLite files used by Mopidy-Local. Thus no need to scan the music collection before starting Mopidy. Everything is read from the file system when needed and changes to the file system is thus immediately visible in Mopidy clients.

  • Because there is no index, there is no support for search.

Our long term plan is to keep this very simple file backend in Mopidy, as it has a well defined and limited scope, while splitting the more feature rich Mopidy-Local extension out to an independent project. (Fixes: #1004, PR: #1207)

M3U backend

  • Support loading UTF-8 encoded M3U files with the .m3u8 file extension. (PR: #1193)

MPD frontend

  • The MPD command count now ignores tracks with no length, which would previously cause a TypeError. (PR: #1192)

  • Concatenate multiple artists, composers and performers using the “A;B” format instead of “A, B”. This is a part of updating our protocol implementation to match MPD 0.19. (PR: #1213)

  • Add “not implemented” skeletons of new commands in the MPD protocol version 0.19:

    • Current playlist:

      • rangeid

      • addtagid

      • cleartagid

    • Mounts and neighbors:

      • mount

      • unmount

      • listmounts

      • listneighbors

    • Music DB:

      • listfiles

  • Track data now include the Last-Modified field if set on the track model. (Fixes: #1218, PR: #1219)

  • Implement tagtypes MPD command. (PR: #1235)

  • Exclude empty tags fields from metadata output. (Fixes: #1045, PR: #1235)

  • Implement protocol extensions to output Album URIs and Album Images when outputting track data to clients. (PR: #1230)

  • The MPD commands lsinfo and listplaylists are now implemented using the as_list() method, which retrieves a lot less data and is thus much faster than the deprecated get_playlists(). The drawback is that the Last-Modified timestamp is not available through this method, and the timestamps in the MPD command responses are now always set to the current time.

Internal changes

  • Tests have been cleaned up to stop using deprecated APIs where feasible. (Partial fix: #1083, PR: #1090)

v1.0.8 (2015-07-22)

Bug fix release.

  • Fix reversal of Title and Name in MPD protocol (Fixes: #1212 PR: #1214)

  • Fix crash if an M3U file in the m3u/playlist_dir directory has a file name not decodable with the current file system encoding. (Fixes: #1209)

v1.0.7 (2015-06-26)

Bug fix release.

  • Fix error in the MPD command list title .... The error was introduced in v1.0.6.

v1.0.6 (2015-06-25)

Bug fix release.

v1.0.5 (2015-05-19)

Bug fix release.

  • Core: Add workaround for playlist providers that do not support creating playlists. (Fixes: #1162, PR #1165)

  • M3U: Fix encoding error when saving playlists with non-ASCII track titles. (Fixes: #1175, PR #1176)

v1.0.4 (2015-04-30)

Bug fix release.

  • Audio: Since all previous attempts at tweaking the queuing for #1097 seems to break things in subtle ways for different users. We are giving up on tweaking the defaults and just going to live with a bit more lag on software volume changes. (Fixes: #1147)

v1.0.3 (2015-04-28)

Bug fix release.

  • HTTP: Another follow-up to the Tornado <3.0 fixing. Since the tests aren’t run for Tornado 2.3 we didn’t catch that our previous fix wasn’t sufficient. (Fixes: #1153, PR: #1154)

  • Audio: Follow-up fix for #1097 still exhibits issues for certain setups. We are giving this get an other go by setting the buffer size to maximum 100ms instead of a fixed number of buffers. (Addresses: #1147, PR: #1154)

v1.0.2 (2015-04-27)

Bug fix release.

  • HTTP: Make event broadcasts work with Tornado 2.3 again. The threading fix in v1.0.1 broke this.

  • Audio: Fix for #1097 tuned down the buffer size in the queue. Turns out this can cause distortions in certain cases. Give this an other go with a more generous buffer size. (Addresses: #1147, PR: #1152)

  • Audio: Make sure mute events get emitted by software mixer. (Fixes: #1146, PR: #1152)

v1.0.1 (2015-04-23)

Bug fix release.

  • Core: Make the new history controller available for use. (Fixes: mopidy.js#6)

  • Audio: Software volume control has been reworked to greatly reduce the delay between changing the volume and the change taking effect. (Fixes: #1097, PR: #1101)

  • Audio: As a side effect of the previous bug fix, software volume is no longer tied to the PulseAudio application volume when using pulsesink. This behavior was confusing for many users and doesn’t work well with the plans for multiple outputs.

  • Audio: Update scanner to decode all media it finds. This should fix cases where the scanner hangs on non-audio files like video. The scanner will now also let us know if we found any decodeable audio. (Fixes: #726, PR: issue:1124)

  • HTTP: Fix threading bug that would cause duplicate delivery of WS messages. (PR: #1127)

  • MPD: Fix case where a playlist that is present in both browse and as a listed playlist breaks the MPD frontend protocol output. (Fixes #1120, PR: #1142)

v1.0.0 (2015-03-25)

Three months after our fifth anniversary, Mopidy 1.0 is finally here!

Since the release of 0.19, we’ve closed or merged approximately 140 issues and pull requests through more than 600 commits by a record high 19 extraordinary people, including seven newcomers. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

For the longest time, the focus of Mopidy 1.0 was to be another incremental improvement, to be numbered 0.20. The result is still very much an incremental improvement, with lots of small and larger improvements across Mopidy’s functionality.

The major features of Mopidy 1.0 are:

  • Semantic Versioning. We promise to not break APIs before Mopidy 2.0. A Mopidy extension working with Mopidy 1.0 should continue to work with all Mopidy 1.x releases.

  • Preparation work to ease migration to a cleaned up and leaner core API in Mopidy 2.0, and to give us some of the benefits of the cleaned up core API right away.

  • Preparation work to enable gapless playback in an upcoming 1.x release.


Since the previous release there are no changes to Mopidy’s dependencies. However, porting from GStreamer 0.10 to 1.x and support for running Mopidy with Python 3.4+ is not far off on our roadmap.

Core API

In the API used by all frontends and web extensions there is lots of methods and arguments that are now deprecated in preparation for the next major release. With the exception of some internals that leaked out in the playback controller, no core APIs have been removed in this release. In other words, most clients should continue to work unchanged when upgrading to Mopidy 1.0. Though, it is strongly encouraged to review any use of the deprecated parts of the API as those parts will be removed in Mopidy 2.0.

  • Deprecated: Deprecate all Python properties in the core API. The previously undocumented getter and setter methods are now the official API. This aligns the Python API with the WebSocket/JavaScript API. Python frontends needs to be updated. WebSocket/JavaScript API users are not affected. (Fixes: #952)

  • Add mopidy.core.HistoryController which keeps track of what tracks have been played. (Fixes: #423, #1056, PR: #803, #1063)

  • Add mopidy.core.MixerController which keeps track of volume and mute. (Fixes: #962)

Core library controller

Core playlist controller

Core tracklist controller

  • Removed: The following methods were documented as internal. They are now fully private and unavailable outside the core actor. (Fixes: #1058, PR: #1062)

    • mopidy.core.TracklistController.mark_played()

    • mopidy.core.TracklistController.mark_playing()

    • mopidy.core.TracklistController.mark_unplayable()

  • Add uris argument to mopidy.core.TracklistController.add() which allows for simpler addition of multiple URIs to the tracklist. (Fixes: #1060, PR: #1065)

Core playback controller

Backend API

In the API implemented by all backends there have been way fewer but somewhat more drastic changes with some methods removed and new ones being required for certain functionality to continue working. Most backends were already updated to be compatible with Mopidy 1.0 before the release. New versions of the backends will be released shortly after Mopidy itself.

Backend library providers

Backend playlist providers

Backend playback providers



  • Make the mopidy command print a friendly error message if the gobject Python module cannot be imported. (Fixes: #836)

  • Add support for repeating the -v argument four times to set the log level for all loggers to the lowest possible value, including log records at levels lower than DEBUG too.

  • Add path to the current mopidy executable to the output of mopidy deps. This make it easier to see that a user is using pip-installed Mopidy instead of APT-installed Mopidy without asking for which mopidy output.


  • Add support for the log level value all to the loglevels configurations. This can be used to show absolutely all log records, including those at custom levels below DEBUG.

  • Add debug logging of unknown sections. (Fixes: #694, PR: #1002)


  • Add custom log level TRACE (numerical level 5), which can be used by Mopidy and extensions to log at an even more detailed level than DEBUG.

  • Add support for per logger color overrides. (Fixes: #808, PR: #1005)

Local backend

  • Improve error logging for scanner. (Fixes: #856, PR: #874)

  • Add symlink support with loop protection to file finder. (Fixes: #858, PR: #874)

  • Add --force option for mopidy local scan for forcing a full rescan of the library. (Fixes: #910, PR: #1010)

  • Stop ignoring offset and limit in searches when using the default JSON backed local library. (Fixes: #917, PR: #949)

  • Removed double triggering of playlists_loaded event. (Fixes: #998, PR: #999)

  • Cleanup and refactoring of local playlist code. Preserves playlist names better and fixes bug in deletion of playlists. (Fixes: #937, PR: #995 and rebased into #1000)

  • Sort local playlists by name. (Fixes: #1026, PR: #1028)

  • Moved playlist support out to a new extension, Mopidy-M3U.

  • Deprecated: The config value local/playlists_dir is no longer in use and can be removed from your config.

Local library API

  • Implementors of mopidy.local.Library.lookup() should now return a list of Track instead of a single track, just like the other lookup() methods in Mopidy. For now, returning a single track will continue to work. (PR: #840)

  • Add support for giving local libraries direct access to tags and duration. (Fixes: #967)

  • Add mopidy.local.Library.get_images() for looking up images for local URIs. (Fixes: #1031, PR: #1032 and #1037)

Stream backend

  • Add support for HTTP proxies when doing initial metadata lookup for a stream. (Fixes #390, PR: #982)

  • Add basic tests for the stream library provider.

M3U backend

  • Mopidy-M3U is a new bundled backend. It provides the same M3U support as was previously part of the local backend. (Fixes: #1054, PR: #1066)

  • In playlist names, replace “/”, which are illegal in M3U file names, with “|”. (PR: #1084)

MPD frontend

  • Add support for blacklisting MPD commands. This is used to prevent clients from using listall and listallinfo which recursively lookup the entire “database”. If you insist on using a client that needs these commands change mpd/command_blacklist.

  • Start setting the Name field with the stream title when listening to radio streams. (Fixes: #944, PR: #1030)

  • Enable browsing of artist references, in addition to albums and playlists. (PR: #884)

  • Switch the list command over to using the new method mopidy.core.LibraryController.get_distinct() for increased performance. (Fixes: #913)

  • In stored playlist names, replace “/”, which are illegal, with “|” instead of a whitespace. Pipes are more similar to forward slash.

  • Share a single mapping between names and URIs across all MPD sessions. (Fixes: #934, PR: #968)

  • Add support for toggleoutput command. (PR: #1015)

  • The mixrampdb and mixrampdelay commands are now known to Mopidy, but are not implemented. (PR: #1015)

  • Fix crash on socket error when using a locale causing the exception’s error message to contain characters not in ASCII. (Fixes: issue:971, PR: #1044)

HTTP frontend

  • Deprecated: Deprecated the http/static_dir config. Please make your web clients pip-installable Mopidy extensions to make it easier to install for end users.

  • Prevent a race condition in WebSocket event broadcasting from crashing the web server. (PR: #1020)


  • Add support for disabling volume control in Mopidy entirely by setting the configuration audio/mixer to none. (Fixes: #936, PR: #1015, #1035)


  • Removed: Support for visualizers and the audio/visualizer config value. The feature was originally added as a workaround for all the people asking for ncmpcpp visualizer support, and since we could get it almost for free thanks to GStreamer. But, this feature did never make sense for a server such as Mopidy.

  • Deprecated: Deprecated Pass a None buffer to to end the stream. This should only affect Mopidy-Spotify.

  • Add Notifies core when new tags are found.

  • Add for looking up the current tags of the playing media.

  • Internal code cleanup within audio subsystem:

    • Started splitting audio code into smaller better defined pieces.

    • Improved GStreamer related debug logging.

    • Provide better error messages for missing plugins.

    • Add foundation for trying to re-add multiple output support.

    • Add internal helper for converting GStreamer data types to Python.

    • Reduce scope of audio scanner to just find tags and duration. Modification time, URI and minimum length handling are now outside of this class.

    • Update scanner to operate with milliseconds for duration.

    • Update scanner to use a custom source, typefind and decodebin. This allows us to detect playlists before we try to decode them.

    • Refactored scanner to create a new pipeline per track, this is needed as reseting decodebin is much slower than tearing it down and making a fresh one.

  • Move and rename helper for converting tags to tracks.

  • Ignore albums without a name when converting tags to tracks.

  • Support UTF-8 in M3U playlists. (Fixes: #853)

  • Add workaround for volume not persisting across tracks on OS X. (Issue: #886, PR: #958)

  • Improved missing plugin error reporting in scanner. (PR: #1033)

  • Introduced a new return type for the scanner, a named tuple with uri, tags, duration, seekable and mime. (PR: #1033)

  • Added support for checking if the media is seekable, and getting the initial MIME type guess. (PR: #1033)

Mopidy.js client library

This version has been released to npm as Mopidy.js v0.5.0.

  • Reexport When.js library as Mopidy.when, to make it easily available to users of Mopidy.js. (Fixes: mopidy.js#1)

  • Default to wss:// as the WebSocket protocol if the page is hosted on https://. This has no effect if the webSocketUrl setting is specified. (Pull request: mopidy.js#2)

  • Upgrade dependencies.