Python Module Index

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a Thin wrapper around the parts of GStreamer we use
mopidy.backend The API implemented by backends
mopidy.commands Commands API for Mopidy CLI.
mopidy.config Config API for config loading and validation
    mopidy.config.schemas Config section validation schemas
    mopidy.config.types Config value validation types
    mopidy.config.validators Config value validators
mopidy.core Core API for use by frontends
mopidy.ext Extension API for extending Mopidy
mopidy.http The HTTP frontend APIs
mopidy.local Local backend
mopidy.mixer The audio mixer API
mopidy.models Data model API
mopidy.mpd MPD server frontend
    mopidy.mpd.dispatcher MPD request dispatcher
    mopidy.mpd.protocol MPD protocol
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.audio_output MPD protocol: audio output
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.channels MPD protocol: channels -- client to client communication
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.command_list MPD protocol: command list
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.connection MPD protocol: connection
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.current_playlist MPD protocol: current playlist
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.music_db MPD protocol: music database
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.playback MPD protocol: playback
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.reflection MPD protocol: reflection
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.status MPD protocol: status
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.stickers MPD protocol: stickers
    mopidy.mpd.protocol.stored_playlists MPD protocol: stored playlists
    mopidy.mpd.tokenize MPD request tokenizer
mopidy.zeroconf Helper for publishing of services on Zeroconf