MPD clients

This is a list of MPD clients we either know works well with Mopidy, or that we know won’t work well. For a more exhaustive list of MPD clients, see

MPD console clients


A console client that works well with Mopidy, and is regularly used by Mopidy developers.


Search does not work in the “Match if tag contains search phrase (regexes supported)” mode because the client tries to fetch all known metadata and do the search on the client side. The two other search modes works nicely, so this is not a problem.

The library view is very slow when used together with Mopidy-Spotify. A workaround is to edit the ncmpcpp configuration file (~/.ncmpcpp/config) and set:

media_library_display_date = "no"

With this change ncmpcpp’s library view will still be a bit slow, but usable.


A console client. Works with Mopidy 0.6 and upwards. Uses the idle MPD command, but in a resource inefficient way.


A command line client. Version 0.16 and upwards seems to work nicely with Mopidy.

MPD graphical clients


GMPC is a graphical MPD client (GTK+) which works well with Mopidy.


GMPC may sometimes requests a lot of meta data of related albums, artists, etc. This takes more time with Mopidy, which needs to query Spotify for the data, than with a normal MPD server, which has a local cache of meta data. Thus, GMPC may sometimes feel frozen, but usually you just need to give it a bit of slack before it will catch up.


Sonata is a graphical MPD client (GTK+). It generally works well with Mopidy, except for search.


When you search in Sonata, it only sends the first to letters of the search query to Mopidy, and then does the rest of the filtering itself on the client side. Since Spotify has a collection of millions of tracks and they only return the first 100 hits for any search query, searching for two-letter combinations seldom returns any useful results. See #1 and the closed Sonata bug for details.


Theremin is a graphical MPD client for OS X. It is unmaintained, but generally works well with Mopidy.

MPD Android clients



You can get MPDroid from Google Play.

MPDroid is a good MPD client, and really the only one we can recommend.

MPD iOS clients



The MPoD iPhone/iPod Touch app can be installed from MPoD at iTunes Store.



The MPaD iPad app can be purchased from MPaD at iTunes Store

MPD web clients

The following web clients use the MPD protocol to communicate with Mopidy. For other web clients, see HTTP clients.



Rompr is a web based MPD client. mrvanes, a Mopidy and Rompr user, said: “These projects are a real match made in heaven.”


Partify is a web based MPD client focussing on making music playing collaborative and social.