A part of Mopidy providing music library, playlist storage and/or playback capability to the core. Mopidy has a backend for each music store or music service it supports. See mopidy.backend — Backend API for details.


The part of Mopidy that makes multiple frontends capable of using multiple backends. The core module is also the owner of the tracklist. To use the core module, see mopidy.core — Core API.


A Python package that can extend Mopidy with one or more backends, frontends, mixers, or web clients. See the extension registry for available Mopidy extensions. See Extension development for how to make a new extension.


A part of Mopidy using the core API. Existing frontends include the MPD server, the MPRIS/D-Bus integration, the scrobbler, and the HTTP server. See Frontend API for details.


A part of Mopidy that controls audio volume and muting.


Mopidy’s name for the play queue or current playlist. The name is inspired by the MPRIS specification.