Changelog 2.x series

This is the changelog of Mopidy v2.0.0 through v2.3.1.

For the latest releases, see Changelog.

v2.3.1 (2019-10-15)

Bug fix release.

  • Dependencies: Lower requirement for Tornado from >= 5, < 6 to >= 4.4, < 6. Our HTTP server implementation works with Tornado 4 as well, which is the latest version that is packaged on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

v2.3.0 (2019-10-02)

Mopidy 2.3.0 is mostly a bug fix release. Because we’re requiring a new major version of Tornado, we’re doing a minor version bump of Mopidy.

  • Dependencies: Support and require Tornado >= 5, < 6, as that is the latest version support Python 2.7 and currently the oldest version shipped by Debian and Arch. (Fixes: #1798, PR: #1796)

  • Fix PkgResourcesDeprecationWarning on startup when a recent release of setuptools is installed. (Fixes: #1778, PR: #1780)

  • Network: Close connection following an exception in the protocol handler. (Fixes: #1762, PR: #1765)

  • Network: Log client’s connection details instead of server’s. This fixed a regression introduced as part of PR: #1629. (Fixes: #1788, PR: #1792)

  • Core: Trigger mopidy.core.CoreListener.stream_title_changed() event on recieving a title audio tag that differs from the current track’s (Fixes: #1746, PR: #1751)

  • Stream: Support playlists containing relative URIs. (Fixes: #1785, PR: #1802)

  • Stream: Fix crash when unwrapping stream without MIME type. (Fixes: #1760, PR: #1800)

  • MPD: Add support for seeking to time positions with float point precision. (Fixes: #1756, PR: #1801)

  • MPD: Handle URIs containing non-ASCII characters. (Fixes: #1759, PR: #1805, #1808)

v2.2.3 (2019-06-20)

Bug fix release.

  • Audio: Fix switching between tracks with different sample rates. (Fixes: #1528, PR: #1735)

  • Audio: Prevent buffering handling interfering with track changes. (Fixes: #1722, PR: #1740)

  • Local: Add .pdf and .zip to the default local/excluded_file_extensions config value. (PR: #1737)

  • File: Synchronised the default file/excluded_file_extensions config values with local/excluded_file_extensions. (PR: #1743)

  • Stream: Fix error when playing stream from .pls playlist with quoted URLs. (Fixes: #1770, PR: #1771)

  • Docs: Resize and compress images, reducing the release tarball size from 3.5 to 1.1 MB.

  • Docs: Fix broken links.

v2.2.2 (2018-12-29)

Bug fix release.

  • HTTP: Fix hang on exit due to change in Tornado v5.0 IOLoop. (Fixes: #1715, PR: #1716)

  • Files: Fix crash due to mix of text and bytes in paths that come from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/user-dirs.dirs. (Fixes: #1676, #1725)

v2.2.1 (2018-10-15)

Bug fix release.

  • HTTP: Stop blocking connections where the network location part of the Origin header is empty, such as WebSocket connections originating from local files. (Fixes: #1711, PR: #1712)

  • HTTP: Add new config value http/csrf_protection which enables all CSRF protections introduced in Mopidy 2.2.0. It is enabled by default and should only be disabled by those users who are unable to set a Content-Type: application/json request header or cannot utilise the http/allowed_origins config value. (Fixes: #1713, PR: #1714)

v2.2.0 (2018-09-30)

Mopidy 2.2.0, a feature release, is out. It is a quite small release, featuring mostly minor fixes and improvements.

Most notably, this release introduces CSRF protection for both the HTTP and WebSocket RPC interfaces, and improves the file path checking in the M3U backend. The CSRF protection should stop attacks against local Mopidy servers from malicious websites, like what was demonstrated by Josef Gajdusek in #1659.

Since the release of 2.1.0, we’ve closed approximately 21 issues and pull requests through 133 commits by 22 authors.

  • Dependencies: Drop support for Tornado < 4.4. Though strictly a breaking change, this shouldn’t affect any supported systems as even Debian stable includes Tornado >= 4.4.

  • Core: Remove upper limit of 10000 tracks in tracklist. 10000 tracks is still the default limit as some MPD clients crash if the tracklist is longer, but it is now possible to set the core/max_tracklist_length config value as high as you want to. (Fixes: #1600, PR: #1666)

  • Core: Fix crash on library.lookup(uris=[]). (Fixes: #1619, PR: #1620)

  • Core: Define return value of playlists.delete() to be a bool, True on success, False otherwise. (PR: #1702)

  • M3U: Ignore all attempts at accessing files outside the m3u/playlist_dir. (Partly fixes: #1659, PR: #1702)

  • File: Change default ordering to show directories first, then files. (PR: #1595)

  • File: Fix extraneous encoding of path. (PR: #1611)

  • HTTP: Protect RPC and WebSocket interfaces against CSRF by blocking requests that originate from servers other than those specified in the new config value http/allowed_origins. An artifact of this is that all JSON-RPC requests must now always set the header Content-Type: application/json. (Partly fixes: #1659, PR: #1668)

  • MPD: Added idle to the list of available commands. (Fixes: #1593, PR: #1597)

  • MPD: Added Unix domain sockets for binding MPD to. (Fixes: #1531, PR: #1629)

  • MPD: Lookup track metadata for MPD load and listplaylistinfo. (Fixes: #1511, PR: #1621)

  • Ensure that decoding of OS errors with unknown encoding never crashes, but instead replaces unknown bytes with a replacement marker. (Fixes: #1599)

  • Set GLib program and application name, so that we show up as “Mopidy” in PulseAudio instead of “python …”. (PR: #1626)

v2.1.0 (2017-01-02)

Mopidy 2.1.0, a feature release, is finally out!

Since the release of 2.0.0, it has been quiet times in Mopidy circles. This is mainly caused by core developers moving from the enterprise to startups or into positions with more responsibility, and getting more kids. Of course, this has greatly decreased the amount of spare time available for open source work. But fear not, Mopidy is not dead. We’ve returned from year long periods with close to no activity before, and will hopefully do so again.

Despite all, we’ve closed or merged approximately 18 issues and pull requests through about 170 commits since the release of v2.0.1 back in August.

The major new feature in Mopidy 2.1 is support for restoring playback state and the current playlist after a restart. This feature was contributed by Jens Lütjen.

  • Dependencies: Drop support for Tornado < 3.2. Though strictly a breaking change, this shouldn’t have any effect on what systems we support, as Tornado 3.2 or newer is available from the distros that include GStreamer >= 1.2.3, which we already require.

  • Core: Mopidy restores its last state when started. Can be enabled by setting the config value core/restore_state to true.

  • Audio: Update scanner to handle sources such as RTSP. (Fixes: #1479)

  • Audio: The scanner set the date to and (Fixes: #1741)

  • File: Add new config value file/excluded_file_extensions.

  • Local: Skip hidden directories directly in media_dir. (Fixes: #1559, PR: #1555)

  • MPD: Fix MPD protocol for replay_gain_status command. The actual command remains unimplemented. (PR: #1520)

  • MPD: Add nextsong and nextsongid to the response of MPD status command. (Fixes: #1133, #1516, PR: #1523)

  • MPD: Fix inconsistent playlist state after playlist is emptied with repeat and consume mode turned on. (Fixes: #1512, PR: #1549)

  • Audio: Improve handling of duration in scanning. VBR tracks should fail less frequently and MMS works again. (Fixes: #1553, PR #1575, #1576, #1577)

v2.0.1 (2016-08-16)

Bug fix release.

  • Audio: Set soft-volume flag on GStreamer’s playbin element. This is the playbin’s default, but we managed to override it when configuring the playbin to only process audio. This should fix the “Volume/mute is not available” warning.

  • Audio: Fix buffer conversion. This fixes image extraction. (Fixes: #1469, PR: #1472)

  • Audio: Update scan logic to workaround GStreamer issue where tags and duration might only be available after we start playing. (Fixes: #935, #1453, #1474, #1480, PR: #1487)

  • Audio: Better handling of seek when position does not match the expected pending position. (Fixes: #1462, #1505, PR: #1496)

  • Audio: Handle bad date tags from audio, thanks to Mario Lang and Tom Parker who fixed this in parallel. (Fixes: #1506, PR: #1525, #1517)

  • Audio: Make sure scanner handles streams without a duration. (Fixes: #1526)

  • Audio: Ensure audio tags are never None. (Fixes: #1449)

  • Audio: Update to postpone sending tags if there is a pending track change. (Fixes: #1357, PR: #1538)

  • Core: Avoid endless loop if all tracks in the tracklist are unplayable and consume mode is off. (Fixes: #1221, #1454, PR: #1455)

  • Core: Correctly record the last position of a track when switching to another one. Particularly relevant for Mopidy-Scrobbler users, as before it was essentially unusable. (Fixes: #1456, PR: #1534)

  • Models: Fix encoding error if Identifier fields, like the musicbrainz_id model fields, contained non-ASCII Unicode data. (Fixes: #1508, PR: #1546)

  • File: Ensure path comparison is done between bytestrings only. Fixes crash where a file/media_dirs path contained non-ASCII characters. (Fixes: #1345, PR: #1493)

  • Stream: Fix milliseconds vs seconds mistake in timeout handling. (Fixes: #1521, PR: #1522)

  • Docs: Fix the rendering of mopidy.core.Core and docs. This should also contribute towards making the Mopidy Debian package build bit-by-bit reproducible. (Fixes: #1500)

v2.0.0 (2016-02-15)

Mopidy 2.0 is here!

Since the release of 1.1, we’ve closed or merged approximately 80 issues and pull requests through about 350 commits by 14 extraordinary people, including 10 newcomers. That’s about the same amount of issues and commits as between 1.0 and 1.1. The number of contributors is a bit lower but we didn’t have a real life sprint during this development cycle. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

With the release of Mopidy 1.0 we promised that any extension working with Mopidy 1.0 should continue working with all Mopidy 1.x releases. Mopidy 2.0 is quite a friendly major release and will only break a single extension that we know of: Mopidy-Spotify. To ensure that everything continues working, please upgrade to Mopidy 2.0 and Mopidy-Spotify 3.0 at the same time.

No deprecated functionality has been removed in Mopidy 2.0.

The major features of Mopidy 2.0 are:

  • Gapless playback has been mostly implemented. It works as long as you don’t change tracks in the middle of a track or use previous and next. In a future release, previous and next will also become gapless. It is now quite easy to have Mopidy streaming audio over the network using Icecast. See the updated Icecast docs for details of how to set it up and workarounds for the remaining issues.

  • Mopidy has upgraded from GStreamer 0.10 to 1.x. This has been in our backlog for more than three years. With this upgrade we’re ridding ourselves of years of GStreamer bugs that have been fixed in newer releases, we can get into Debian testing again, and we’ve removed the last major roadblock for running Mopidy on Python 3.


  • Mopidy now requires GStreamer >= 1.2.3, as we’ve finally ported from GStreamer 0.10. Since we’re requiring a new major version of our major dependency, we’re upping the major version of Mopidy too. (Fixes: #225)

Core API


Extension support

  • Log exception and continue if an extension crashes during setup. Previously, we let Mopidy crash if an extension’s setup crashed. (PR: #1337)

Local backend

  • Made local/data_dir really deprecated. This change breaks older versions of Mopidy-Local-SQLite and Mopidy-Local-Images.

M3U backend

  • Add m3u/base_dir for resolving relative paths in M3U files. (Fixes: #1428, PR: #1442)

  • Derive track name from file name for non-extended M3U playlists. (Fixes: #1364, PR: #1369)

  • Major refactoring of the M3U playlist extension. (Fixes: #1370 PR: #1386)

    • Add m3u/default_encoding and m3u/default_extension config values for improved text encoding support.

    • No longer scan playlist directory and parse playlists at startup or refresh. Similarly tothe file extension, this now happens on request.

    • Use mopidy.models.Ref instances when reading and writing playlists. Therefore, Track.length is no longer stored in extended M3U playlists and #EXTINF runtime is always set to -1.

    • Improve reliability of playlist updates using the core playlist API by applying the write-replace pattern for file updates.

Stream backend

  • Make sure both lookup and playback correctly handle playlists and our blacklist support. (Fixes: #1445, PR: #1447)

MPD frontend

  • Implemented commands for modifying stored playlists:

    • playlistadd

    • playlistclear

    • playlistdelete

    • playlistmove

    • rename

    • rm

    • save

    (Fixes: #1014, PR: #1187, #1308, #1322)

  • Start songid counting at 1 instead of 0 to match the original MPD server.

  • Idle events are now emitted on seeked events. This fix means that clients relying on idle events now get notified about seeks. (Fixes: #1331, PR: #1347)

  • Idle events are now emitted on playlists_loaded events. This fix means that clients relying on idle events now get notified about playlist loads. (Fixes: #1331, PR: #1347)

  • Event handler for playlist_deleted has been unbroken. This unreported bug would cause the MPD frontend to crash preventing any further communication via the MPD protocol. (PR: #1347)


  • Require stype argument to mopidy.zeroconf.Zeroconf.

  • Use Avahi’s interface selection by default. (Fixes: #1283)

  • Use Avahi server’s hostname instead of socket.getfqdn() in service display name.


  • Removed warning if ~/.mopidy exists. We stopped using this location in 0.6, released in October 2011.

  • Removed warning if ~/.config/mopidy/ exists. We stopped using this settings file in 0.14, released in April 2013.

  • The on_event handler in our listener helper now catches exceptions. This means that any errors in event handling won’t crash the actor in question.

  • Catch errors when loading logging/config_file. (Fixes: #1320)

  • Breaking: Removed unused internal mopidy.internal.process.BaseThread. This breaks Mopidy-Spotify 1.4.0. Versions < 1.4.0 was already broken by Mopidy 1.1, while versions >= 2.0 doesn’t use this class.


  • Breaking: The audio scanner now returns ISO-8601 formatted strings instead of datetime objects for dates found in tags. Because of this change, we can now return years without months or days, which matches the semantics of the date fields in our data models.

  • Breaking:’s caps argument has changed format due to the upgrade from GStreamer 0.10 to GStreamer 1. As far as we know, this is only used by Mopidy-Spotify. As an example, with GStreamer 0.10 the Mopidy-Spotify caps was:

    audio/x-raw-int, endianness=(int)1234, channels=(int)2, width=(int)16,
    depth=(int)16, signed=(boolean)true, rate=(int)44100

    With GStreamer 1 this changes to:


    If your Mopidy backend uses set_appsrc(), please refer to GStreamer documentation for details on the new caps string format.

  • Breaking:’s capabilities argument is no longer in use and has been removed. As far as we know, this was only used by Mopidy-Spotify.

  • Duplicate seek events getting to appsrc based backends is now fixed. This should prevent seeking in Mopidy-Spotify from glitching. (Fixes: #1404)

  • Workaround crash caused by a race that does not seem to affect functionality. This should be fixed properly together with #1222. (Fixes: #1430, PR: #1438)

  • Add a new config option, audio/buffer_time, for setting the buffer time of the GStreamer queue. If you experience buffering before track changes, it may help to increase this. (Workaround for #1409)

  • tags_changed events are only emitted for fields that have changed. Previous behavior was to emit this for all fields received from GStreamer. (PR: #1439)


  • Add partial support for gapless playback. Gapless now works as long as you don’t change tracks or use next/previous. (PR: #1288)

    The Icecast docs has been updated with the workarounds still needed to properly stream Mopidy audio through Icecast.

  • Core playback has been refactored to better handle gapless, and async state changes.

  • Tests have been updated to always use a core actor so async state changes don’t trip us up.

  • Seek events are now triggered when the seek completes. Previously the event was emitted when the seek was requested, not when it completed. Further changes have been made to make seek work correctly for gapless related corner cases. (Fixes: #1305 PR: #1346)